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Add an Online Account in Sticky for password access

Add an online account in sticky where all password will be added automatically , so if any media, like pc, usb drive got damage the password is intact.

tapash nath , 20.10.2010, 16:16
Idea status: under consideration


StickyPassword, 20.10.2010, 20:31
In another word add additional place for storing your encrypted personal data database. Yes, also a consideration we are making now. But as you can see in many comments here, the question is more political than technical - some people would love to have the passwords online while many are afraid to let the internet transfer and store these. But if the option is up to the user, as ONE OF MANY - we believe that is reasonable and we are therefore considering it. No time line though on the release of this function yet, in case you wanted to ask:-)

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