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create a secondary layer of password usage

For example. I often times have my secretary, a temp or a friend do things for me in my online marketing business meaning that they may have to login to one of my accounts like PhotoBucket's picture hosting site. I don't like to give them my password so I usually sign in for them. But if I could assign a persons name to a specific account login, then all they would have to do is enter their name thus allowing Sticky Password to enter the login in information for just that one site. This feature should be available without having to unlock the database with the master password. In addition to this, allow me to assign a timeout for when that person can log in. For instance 2 hours. After that period of time Sticky Password would clear access to that account for that person. Also create a log of when someone logs in to a permitted site and when (iff) they log out. Or better yet sonehow give Sticky PAssword the ability to log a permitted person out of a site automatically upon leaving the site. This part may be a real head ache to do, if it is even possible, but the rest of my suggestion would be great for folks like me who have to deligate chores to employees, temps and friends.

End result, While I'm at my golf game, my secretary could manage the Paypal payments, My photographer could upload images to my hosting site, and my copywriter could create ebay listings and all without me having to reveal a single password. On top of tha,t when I get back from my game, I could check the log and see who logged in, when they logged in and for how long they were logged in. If for example the copywriter (a temp) didn't log in until 3:45 pm and her day started at 10 am, I know not to hire her back and I don't have to worry about a disgruntled employee hacking into my ebay account because she never saw the password.

Hows that for a great improvement to an already wonderful application?

I out of work and could use a job. Any chances?

James Faris , 20.10.2010, 09:48
Idea status: under consideration


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