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Make it support multiple/different accounts/users.

Michael H. , 20.10.2010, 07:28
Idea status: under consideration


BuBBy, 20.10.2010, 08:12
It already does support multiple accounts/users per website/address. For example I have about 7 gmail accounts - all are stored within StickyPassword. When I visit gmail.com a drop down list of all the gmail accounts appears - and I select which account I want to use.
James Faris, 20.10.2010, 10:39
I don't think that is what they mean by supporting different users. I believe they mean that there could be multiple databases. Joes passwords, Jenny's passwords, Rita's passwords, etc. Sort of like a networkable version for the entire office staff.
StickyPassword, 20.10.2010, 21:11
Great comments, thank you. This one is also in works.

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